I am trying to delete my myspace account with you, as i never use it, BUT am extremely disappointed with the fact that it is easy to create an account, but near on impossible to delete it, where your sign says,click to uninstall, it will not allow me to do so, you could make life easier for people to move on, instead of making it impossible, plz help How to Delete Your MySpace Account Once-and-for-All: ... Why You Can't Remember Anything. WHY CAN'T I DELETE MY ACCOUNT??? If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. And of course i can no longer sign in it won't take my email or password obviously. Scroll until you see the Account Cancellation section and click on Cancel Account. Select a reason why you'd like to delete your account and select "Delete my Account ... You can't log in. I cannot delete my myspace. ... MySpace Account Using This Humiliating Trick. That means that if you never deleted your account, your MySpace photos are still haunting the internet available to anyone with a little persistence and an internet connection. ... Tell my friends about Myspace ? This is where it gets a little bit complicated. However, when I do a search of my name my profile (which at least is private) still shows up in the search with my MySpace members are required to provide a valid email address and password upon the creation of an account. I try to delete it from my profile where it says "Remove Song" under the title etc. Log in to your Myspace account. Log in to your Myspace account. So Ive looked EVERYWHERE & still cant find how to delete my account. Can you help? Why can't i make a myspace account? ... You can't log in. my myspace or account has been phished.i want delete or Cancel MySpace Account or Profile ... i can't delete my account and i ... That's why I copied yours. How to Reset Your Lost MySpace Password ... How can I get back in to my MySpace when I cant remember the email ... Help me I can prove it is my account. Follow inverse on Facebook; How to Delete a YouTube Account. Youll need to login to your account and then go to the My Account link, and then select Account. Why can't I delete my account? my myspace or account has been phished.i want delete or Cancel MySpace Account or Profile ... i can't delete my account and i ... That's why I copied yours. ANSWER #5 of 5 Wednesday is International Delete Your MySpace Account ... "After months of only visiting my myspace (sic) profile in order to delete ... Why I Quit MySpace; For added convenience, many computers and wireless devices will remember your log-in information for you. ... Delete your Profile; Delete profile. Shut Down Your Abandoned MySpace Account Using This ... MySpace, please shut down my goddamn account. ... Don't have a Myspace account yet? Resurrect Your Old Myspace Profile! 's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates. How To Delete Your MySpace - Even Without Your Login 06:18. Does deleting myspace account delete all comments? How to Delete a MySpace Account. Deleting a MySpace account is a bit convoluted, but doable. Without realizing, you can go weeks or months without manually entering it in. Confirm by pressing the Cancel My Account button. I deleted my account last night. I've recently deleted my account after it was almost phished, ... How can I delete my myspace account? Go to www.myspace.com/my/settings/account/cancel. Deleting a YouTube account can be tricky, and if you aren't careful, ... Will it delete my Google Account also? Now that MySpace is partially owned by an advertising network (and, oddly, Justin Timberlake), its more important than ever to delete Go to www.myspace.com/my/settings/account/cancel. Where Is All My Old Stuff? The massive MySpace hack shows the danger ... Why you should delete the online accounts you dont use ... A new video series from The Washington Post. Delete profile. I know how to and everything, but the confirmation email never get sent. This will remove your myspace account or profile. Everyone had a MySpace account a few years ago, and many of us never deleted those old accounts when we left. ... your account is not linked to your old/classic Myspace account and the playlists cannot be retrieved. I can't delete my myspace song! Open User Accounts by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking User Accounts and Family Safety, clicking User Accounts, and then clicking Manage another account. i forgot my myspace password and i also can't get into my email account to delete my account??? And if youre anything like me, the pictures you uploaded during the MySpace craze were less than flattering.