Apply today! Put your career in the music industry on the fast track with MI's music business degrees. What to Major In at College to Get Your Music Industry Dream Job: Part 1 . Contact Schools Directly - Compare 3 Master Degrees in Music Business 2018 ... Albright College offers a co-concentration in music business with a bachelor's degree in music. Our BA Music Business and Arts Management Degree with Honours gives an overview of the music industry, laying foundations for a career in the music business. Schools Of Rock: Music Business College Guide. Highest ranking Unis for Music Business Degrees in United-Kingdom. Music Business Degree & Diploma Courses at BIMM Manchester. Professor Larry Miller on Entrepreneurship Master the music industry in New York City. This music business degree is suitable for students who are performers and for those who have no musical experience. Common course topics include management, music As a music business major, youll learn the fundamentals of business within the music industry from a musicians perspective. Whether your dream is to teach music as a College, Conservatory, or University Music Teacher, Private Instrument Teacher or a Music Teacher, a degree in Music Education is a must. If the program doesn't have those features, then the name of the degree becomes somewhat irrelevant. Music Business Degree Sharpen your knowledge of the concepts, skills, and methodologies needed to succeed in todays evolving music business. Our music business degree will give you the comprehensive education you need to establish a career in the music industry as a recording artist or executive. A music business degree program that has great classes, good professors, and sets its students up with good internship opportunities can be a wonderful investment in your future working in the music business. Over eight semesters, while completing the colleges core music curriculum, youll immerse yourself in the legal, financial, artistic, and ethical issues that face the contemporary music business professional. Take the Music Business Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or the Certificate of Completion (CCL), 100% Online. Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA required in the major field (business, music, music business), with a letter grade of "C-" or better in each course. Bachelor's degree programs in music business often include classes both in music techniques and business fundamentals. You will study how the music business currently operates and where the business is headed in the key areas of music publishing, licensing, law, management, touring, marketing, and Depending on the school you choose, concentrations within your B.A., B.M., or B.M.E. Visit to learn more about our music industry college. A music business degree will prepare you for a job in artist management, marketing or concert promotion. (Bachelors of Music Education) program can include Choral or Instrumental Music People searching for Bachelor's Degree in Music Business: Program Overview found the following related articles and links useful. A complete list of Music Business careers in the music industry. At SIU's School of Music, Music Business majors can earn a BA that opens doors to jobs in music industry. Prep for success in a variety of career paths by earning a Bachelor or Associate degree from our Music Business program. From marketing and publishing to artist management and retail, youll learn to be an effective player in the music business. Learn how music partners with creativity and earn your Music Business Associate's Degree at SAE Institute. Our Music Business Degree is one of a kind with substantial music requirements & broad exposure to engineering, producing, publishing, and more. In Full Sails Music Business program, youll develop skills that extend beyond the recording industry into the realms of film, television, video games, and sports. Now! Learn more! This music business degree is suitable for students who are performers and for those who have no musical experience.