5 things that are fundamentally wrong with school I. n developing countries, people are still fighting for their right to education. ... What is wrong with the K12 American Education system? ... From a parent: "I would not send my kids to an American public school, not even for a million dollars." What is wrong with our education system today? American students have been failing to preform on international standardized tests. By: Mike Shedlock | Mon, Mar 15, 2010 . The issue with our education system is that it is not the best. Education has always been a major component of the American Dream. An Essay By Casey Grage featuring Finland and the Bush Administration You can drag my body to school but my spirit refuses to go. WHATS WRONG WITH OUR SCHOOLS? If you look closely to how our education system is run compared to other countries, you would see that it's broken and needs major revamping. Lillian Foote discusses how foreign and domestic universities are linking up in China to create new learning environments. American children no longer have substantially more education than their parents. Clearly, many people disapprove of our current public education system and believe it is holding students back. Most Americans believe that a college education is a prerequisite to financial success. This prezi discusses the issues with the United States education system and how to fix it. According to a School of Barbiana Education is fundamental to everything that is important to American vitality and growth. WHAT IS WRONG WITH EDUCATION IN AMERICA? Most can agree on that matter. Often, as in the debate about Devoss nomination, the This simple Bill Watterson quote from the popular Calvin and Hobbes comics embodies a complicated problem with a much debated solution. But the country has never been able to make much progress. Three key ways America's approach to education is failing our children. Do you ever feel like our education system is failing you? With the recent contested confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, I thought it would be timely to touch on the broad question of the state of American education and not just on a narrower issue with regard to teaching and learning. Were all familiar with a depressing litany of complaints about education todaydisaffected students, parents abandoning the public system, teacher burn-out and turnover, poor test scores, ... American Educational Research Association presidential address, San Francisco. Three key ways America's approach to education is failing our children. Whats wrong with American Education ? In Western nations, we complain about the low quality of education (and we should). The U.S. spends the most in education, ... What's Wrong With America's Education System? it is no longer the efficient that is once was. What is wrong with the current education system in the US? Stupid In America; What's Wrong with the U.S. Educ... Stupid In America; What's Wrong with the U.S. Education System? This prezi discusses the issues with the United States education system and how to fix it. Since the end of the industrial age, Americans have worried about improving their education system. From Free to Choose: A Personal Statement | 1979/1980. The answer has larger consequences than you might expect. Ten years ago this month, President Bush signed the largest federal education reform legislation in decades, No Child Left Behind. Share. From a student: "I think it's a pity that American Everyone is certain that American education is in a downward spiral, but the specifics are elusive. Whats wrong with education today? Why is that the case, and is it a problem? ... What's wrong with it today? Both George Bush and Al Gore spent much of their respective campaigns talking about what they would do as president to improve education. The Chicago teacher strike is over, but the assault on our nation's children has just begun. Why is America so far behind other developed countries in education?