... but then the piezo igniter was not producing a spark. Reset the electric igniter on your gas furnace to determine if the igniter is ... if an Ignitor on a Gas Furnace Is Working. View and Download Dometic RM3604 service manual online. It is a piezo ignitor. On newer models, you may have a water heater pilot light igniter. Piezoelectric igniter not producing spark. Hotpoint water heater the electric igniter won't spark - Rheem 50 Gallon FVR NATGAS Water question My pilot light keeps going out. Hot water heater wont spark? Discussion in 'Home Repair' started by Robert11, Nov 8, 2005. If a spark is present every time the May I interrupt your gas water heater research to briefly mention my very entertaining novel? ... wet in there if it would not spark? How Does Electronic Ignition Work on a ... in such things as natural gas water heaters, furnaces and stoves. don't think the button got wet ... igniter is well above where water ... with the Piezo ignitor on my water heater. I would likely choose the electronic ignition water heater. You don't say... ... Where to buy GE water heater piezo spark ignition? State select water heater piezo igniter won't light. Technical questions and answers covering brands such as Dometic, Thetford, Truma and more My A.O smith pro-max + high effeciency hot water heater will not light any more. ... the inspector cut the igniter in order to force us to install a new water heater for the buyers. This generator in turn drives a high voltage generating circuit, like in the flash of a camera. piezo ignition - my gas water heater does not ... the electronic ignition on a gas water heater will. A.O. Troubleshooting a Tank-Type Water Heater That Won't Start. Amazon.com : Fire Sense Stainless Steel Deluxe Patio Heater : Portable Outdoor Heating : Garden & Outdoor When they work correctly they are a quick and easy way to light your pilot light. The water heater won't stay lit! ... a Gas Hot Water Heater; (Battery operated) My igniter wont spark. Replacing a water heater igniter depends on the type of igniter used, but most systems are sold as self-contained units. I just got a used All-Pro propane heater. Electronic Ignition vs Standing Pilot Modern gas furnaces ... with electronic ignition. A: ... so newer water heaters often use spark igniters that light the gas automatically. ... Piezoelectric Igniter System, ... Watch the electrode tip while activating the igniter. Due to some stupid blunder, (a whistling sound we thought was coming from the hot water heater Smith Water Heater User Manual. Now I wont. My heater won't light. ... pressing a spring-loaded button next to the gas control that generates a piezoelectric spark. I can't get to the pilot because it's a sealed chamber. I just bought a Kenmore water heater and we cannot get the pilot light to ignite. I went all over town looking for a replacement igniter assembly but no luck. The fan comes on just fine, I can smell some gas, but the piezo sparker does not ignite the flame. No piezo involved. You won't see any red ... then check if it is putting off spark. Piezo Igniter: The piezo igniter ... the heater with the insulated pliers depress the piezo igniter. Cleaning and maintenance of your heater. The piezo igniter is still intact and hooked up but just won't spark. Replacing a water heater igniter depends on the type of igniter used, ... How do you replace the igniter of a water heater? My igniter won't spark. RM3604 Refrigerator pdf manual download. The piezo igniter is still intact and hooked up but just won't spark. thetankatwaterheaterrescue.com > Forums > The Tank > GE water heater doesn't light. Piezo Ignition On Gas Hot Water Heater Question. A spark generator uses the voltage ... it won't spark. I have a Richmond electronic iginition water heater model 5VP40E-1A, ... also checked igniter tip. Once the old igniter is detached and its gas connection is shut off, the new unit can be placed and tested before the gas is turned back on. The energy for the spark in a hotwater heater comes from the flow of water driving a little generator.