Target Breach Overview . Approximate timeline of events in the Target data breach. Target data breach timeline. Both personal data and credit card information may have been stolen from about 12 million people. Reported: Target confirms breach of 40 million records on December 19th, 2013. Target acknowledges the breach of information publicly and says the matter is under investigation and that information accessed included customer names, credit or debit card numbers used, their expiration dates and encrypted security codes. UPDATED: approximately 1.1 million Inside a Targeted Point-of-Sale Data Breach Dec. 18 The Secret Service confirms to other media sources it has begun its own investigation. Target Breach Overview . Target ignored its own alarmsand turned its customers into victims Neiman Marcus Confirms Breach. Game after game has suffered from outages due to denial-of-service attacks... when will it end? Target Credit Card Security Breach ... Timeline Response After Second Breach ... First breach of Targets network; ... Target confirms that credit and debit card information of 40 million customers had been exposed. Posted March 15 Everything You Need to Know About the Target Data Breach Lawsuits. Timeline: Target CEO steps ... a cache of fraudulent credit cards. Dec. 18 A spokeswoman for American Express confirms the data breach sayings they've launched their own investigation. 11 Steps Attackers Took to Crack Target ... card numbers on the black market and pretty soon afterward Target was notified of the breach by the credit card companies. Notes: Wed, December 18 th, data from the theft had already flooded underground markets. Transcript of Target Security Breach Case Analysis. Moore County judge rules for breach of Woodlake Dam. Target's data breach has been devastating to the retailer and the larger retail industry.FierceRetail, along with its sister-publication FierceITSecurity, has put together a helpful timeline tracking Target's data breach, additional retailers affected, industry initiatives and subsequent news items related to security. Details of the Target Credit Card Breach. Long and interesting article about the Target credit card breach from last year. Building a corporate data privacy compliance program means understanding major data privacy laws and regulations, including HIPAA, PCI DSS and GLBA. Q: ... the compromise of credit and debit card information. Target has also recently announced that Dec. 19 Target confirms that credit and debit cards information of 40 million customers may have been exposed. Q: ... the compromise of credit and debit card information. Target has also recently announced that Breach: Scope unknown UPDATED: included credit card and debit cards dated back to July 2013.