This "content" area is the portion inside the padding, border, and margin of ... make a div which width and height will shrink or expand proportionally depending on the viewport. In my scenario I want to show a 30 pixel margin around the #s4-workspace until the content makes it expand outside of the browser width. If some of the elements in #sidebar are too long to read with the default width of the div, we want to let the user freely resize the two divs without changing the width of the page. How to make div expand with content?. To achieve table-like properties with the divs you are using, use CSS and set the container to display: table; and the child divs to display: table-cell;. ... Auto expand div width. I'm messing around with a code searching ui that lists matched lines by file along with the surrounding code. First set the width of the extended-content-container div to 500%. If it doesn't it's probably because the child div uses the float css attribute. ... Do you guys have any idea on how I can make the div One div will contain a navigation menu to jump to different pages of the website (#sidebar), and the second div will contain all the content for that page (#content). div expand to fill contents make divs height expand with its content. I've done it, I have to specify the width of the div - if I don't, it renders with a width of 100%. Having trouble making css for xhtml making div expand to fill height & width. The resize property specifies whether or not an ... Let the user resize only the width of a
element ... but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. Thanks for the help. have a container div that i want to be a minimum height but expand if there is more content. A css novice here. The parent div should expand to its content by default. I'm trying to figure out how to get a div to expand in height according to how much content is in a div ... a div to push down content in divs below it? Make child div expand to width of overflown content 11/18 06:51 Anonymous 0 0 I'm messing around with a code searching ui that lists matched lines by file along with the surrounding code. So I am looking for a happy medium. Luckily, with CSS 2.1 you can duplicate the properties of a table with others elements (divs). Can someone please look at this page: and tell me how I can make the green div expand to the rest of the page? Is it possible to have a fluid div width that would expand/contract to suit the content. Using your example code, I have created your desired layout with the properties above. CSS - Expand Div Height With Content ... Div Won't Expand Width Of Content. But there is still an issue now in that if there are only 3 columns in a list, for example, the #s4-workspace div doesn't expand out to the edge of the browser window. I have a min width I know it is possible with tables but can this been done with css? This will make the div you are trying to extend 5 time wider than the center column it lives inside. Is there any way of making the width fit the text it encloses (plus HTML / CSS Forums on Bytes. For example a header div that would expand to 740px with a 740px header image or would expand to 640px with a 640px image? IE5 is fine. However, if there is a large amount of text in the content DIV of the page, the width gets pushed out slightly. Example HTML
CSS #test1 { font-size: 35px; } JavaScript console.log($('#test1').textfit('width','Testing')); Output 107.textfit('bestfit') Adjusts the font size of the target element so that the string fits it perfectly. If there is a single paragraph (or small amount) of text in the content DIV of the page, the page looks fine. Divs Will Not Expand in Height to Fit Content; } ... (in the #main_content div) ... so I'm trying to make it more flexible. Note: I have left the height of the content DIV blank as it will be of varied size. I thought this would make the main content area expand as necessary, ... width: 960px; ... How do I make a div expand as content is added? CSS - How To Expand Wrapper To Fit Content? The width property in CSS specifies the width of the element's content1 area. This can be adjusted up or down depending on the size of the center column you are working with. My website has a white content box, but I don't know how to get the white box to expand to fit the content in the textcolumn div. Full Browser Width Bars ... if you have your content width set at 960px, ... Wasnt easier just to give the style width:100% to the div and asign a fixed height? Make DIV container expand with content - posted in Programming and General Web Design: I am trying to setup a page in 1 centered div box that is 750px wide. Firefox and Opera are the problem. ... Div Won't Expand Width Of Content. .textfit('width', string) Returns the length of string in pixels, given the font face and size of the target element. Why does content overflow div so easily?