Soothing sun-kissed skin is the best way to prolong your tan. : Body Lotions : Beauty I was just wondering what is the best moisturiser to recommend for people to use after their tan and to help prolong it? best answer: you can prolong your tan by using tanning lotion everytime you tan, and using a moisturizing cream after you tan. I tried out some ... has a bit of a soapy-ish smell, encourages melanin production to prolong your tan. Apply daily to prolong your colour. Hi All. Six ways to maintain a sun-kissed fake tan. MyTan Tan Extend Moisturiser Specially formulated to prolong the life of your tan by up to 50% Hold on to your tan for longer Sunbeds Spray Tan Self Tan : Norvell Prolong Sunless Tanning Color Extender Moisturizing Lotion, 8.5 fl.oz. ... Norvell Prolong Tan Extending Moisturizer 34 oz. Welcome to British Vogue. Clients ask me all the time what is the best moisturiser to use after a spray tan. For those of you who are looking for a cheap and cheerful moisturiser, this Piz Buin Aftersun is perfect. ... How To Prolong Your Holiday Tan. Soothe sun burn, moisturise dryness, stop peeling and prolong your tan with our round up of the best after sun lotions. Amazing Aftersuns! St.Tropez Spray Tan Review. So which oil free lotion or moisturizer do you use in order to prolong ... best Body Lotion/Moisturizer to us ... brands of fake tan and moisturiser. Spray Tan Before and After Care. ... Moisturize daily, especially after bathing, to maintain your sunless tan. The Best Seaweed Skincare Products To Try Now. For best results use a water based moisturizer. ... How to prolong a St.Tropez spray tan. How to prolong a tan: Like socks disappearing in the wash, its a well-known fact that tans magically evaporate on the flight home. Some benefit from added insect repellent while others have tan ... 10 best after-sun products. Radiance Body Balm: a pampering treat for tanned skin. The Independent Online. Prolong your summer tan with ... peeling at bay with a daily dose of moisturiser. Certified organic, organic tan, eco tan, sunless tan, vegan, natural fake tan, after sun, biologische zelfbruiner, spray tan, bruine huid, eco by sonya Updated: ... Definitely moisturise to maintain! Prolonging your summer tan and the new seasons best red ... Sun Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser ... nourishing skin and helping to prolong a tan. The residue from the moisturizer can degrade the life of your tan. ... 10 best self tans for face . Pro-Long is the simplest way to control your tan's level of darkness. The Best Brown Mascara? I was just wondering what is the best moisturiser to recommend for people to use after their tan and to help prolong it? ... Amazing Deal for the best lotion around! And remember to exfoliate regularly to ensure the tan fades evenly.